Party Planning Stress?

Birthday parties are filled with laughter, fun, and excitement. The week(s) leading up to them however can be stressful and emotional for the person planning the big day. Lots of thought goes into making everything just right. That effort combined with the hope of meeting/managing expectations can lead to a great deal of stress! In our household alone we've celebrated a combined 63 birthdays! Trust me - we get it. Here are some of my tips for pulling off a great birthday celebration without the stress.


Entertainment & Activity:

Go for an activity that can do double duty!

Spring? Plant a flower in simple pots. The kids have fun, and your activity now serves as a party favor. My favorite? How about a Minion?

Summer birthday? DIY freeze pop sleeves! Yes - really! You've got to check out this tutorial from Living In Happy Place. Check all the boxes - activity, favor, and snack!

Food & Beverage:

If you are a Martha, Betty, or Ree - more power to you! Rock your apron and kitchen skills. I will drool over your Pinterest perfection and bask in the glory of your abilities. However.... if you're not in that club? Y'all, order the food and plate it up!

For our local Nassua folks? Here are some options that will fill up your friends without emptying the college fund:

Willie Jewels

Why I Love It: Fast, Delicious AND a catering menu! You can order by the pound instead of by the person saving you time and money!

Indulge Food Truck

Why I Love It: Local, Variety, Made fresh with passion from a fun family! Affordable GOOOOOOD food!

Coastal Pizza

Why I Love It: BIG pizza with BIG flavor! Friday night is pizza night and Big B's is always heading to Coastal for our Pie.... - oh but for a party... tell Tom that you're having a kids' party and the Coastal crew will slice it smaller for you - once again - saving you money!

Short & Sweet:

Keep the event short and sweet. The younger the kids the shorter their attention span. Keep your birthday party 2-3 hours at the most. If you're planning something for older kids? have a few movies or "binge" worthy shows on the menu to fill the time!

Of course - end with cake! psssst for those really special occasions?.... You HAVE to check out Nana Teresa's Bake Shop. Ah-May-Zing!

Check back each week for party posts! I'll share ideas for birthday party themes, decorations, food, activities and more!

As always - when you've got something to celebrate GO BIG!!!

Love ~ Mama B.

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