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We've been lovin' this celebration life for years, and we've learned a few things! Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!


What is a yard card? 

A Yard Card is a display made up of different elements such as phrases, numbers, letters, and decorations to celebrate a special occasion or commemorate a significant event. These items are then arranged in your grass to create a stunning visual sign referred to as a Yard Card!
What are yard cards made of?

Yard Cards are made of durable and resilient corrugated plastic. The bright and vibrant images are printed directly to the material creating a waterproof and weather resistant material. We love that we can reuse our materials over and over again, cutting down on waste like that of single use decorations. 
What kind of things can you celebrate with a yard card?

You can celebrate or commemorate any event or occasion with our signs and displays. We have the honor of sharing birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, graduations, retirements, engagements, births and baby showers!  Some of our FAVORITE celebrations are MILITARY HOMECOMINGS!!! 


What time will my Yard Card be set up? 

Our Yard Card Artists arrive anytime between 9PM the night prior to your reservation and 9AM the morning of your reservation. 
How will I know when you will arrive?

Your artist will contact you via text within 60 minutes of arrival to provide you with their estimated arrival time.  

Should I come out and help you set up?

Our artists are trained to install your yard cards in the blink of an eye! We pride ourselves on making your celebration easy AND a fun surprise for the recipient. We ask that your artist be allowed to focus on the design process without distraction or assistance. 

May I request a specific delivery time?

We always try to accommodate our clients, however due to an ever-fluctuating route schedule we cannot guarantee a specific install window.


Where do you deliver? 

We deliver yard cards and displays to the following zip codes: 32034, 32097
What if I'm not in your delivery area? 

FULL SERVICE rental we recommend the following companies: 

TAKE & STAKE DIY rental we DO NOT LIMIT location, however late return fees are assessed for delayed material return. 

What is the Yard Card Club?

Busy schedules can leave us forgetting to do what we needed to get done. Big B's Yard Card Club allows you to pay monthly for the celebration services you'll use throughout the year. As soon as you register you can schedule all four of your reservations - set it and forget it! We'll do the rest. Not sure about dates? You can always reschedule. Need to make a change? We can update your reservation. Want to share a greeting with a friend or family member in our delivery area? No problem! Learn more by visiting the membership page CLICK HERE

Can our Yard Card say ANYTHING?

Big B's reserves the right to deny services based on the sole discretion of ownership. Any service denied will be fully refunded. We will not participate in profane, obscene, or offensive activities or displays. This policy applies to use of Take & Stake materials in any manner which may reflect poorly on Big B's Yard Cards based solely on the discretion of ownership. 


What happens if it rains? 

Great news our yard cards AND our artists LOVE the rain! We don't mind a little liquid falling from the clouds, and most of the time we can find a rainbow somewhere near by to enjoy. Our yard cards are made of durable and waterproof corrugated plastic.
What if a BAD storm springs up?

As we all know Florida weather can change rapidly. In the event a severe storm system moves into the area please call 904-333-3444 for assistance.
Should I take the yard card down if the wind is too bad?

In most circumstances our displays can handle wind, rain, and heavy thunderstorms. That being said, we respect your property and home, if you are ever uncomfortable with the level of wind please contact us immediately. We will work with you to find a mutually beneficial solution. 


In the event of severe weather your yard card artist may delay installation to allow the storm system to pass. You will recive notifications via text with the estimated time of arrival. In the event of prolonged severe weather you will be given the option to reschedule or request a full refund. 


In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, yard card rentals will be canceled. You will be given the option to reschedule for another date, or request a full refund. 

DO's & DON'Ts

DO (please please please)

  • Water your lawn the night before (even if it says its going to rain, because we know mother nature does what she wants)

  • Pick up your yard (its dark out... we can't see where we're stepping... or WHAT we're stepping in)

  • Turn the porch light, garage light, neighbors' lights, all the outside lights ON (did we mention the porch light?)

  • Make sure ONE(1) adult in the home knows we are coming, things get awkward when everyone is surprised there is someone on the lawn

  • TAKE A BAZILLION-GAZZIONION Pictures and tag us on Instagram! @bigbs_yardcards (there are special rewards... in addition to us loving you forever)

  • HAVE FUN!!! You are shouting to the world you have something to celebrate - ENJOY IT!

DON'T (no really, we mean it please don't)

  • DO. NOT. MOVE. THE. DISPLAY. Please. Pretty Please. We beg you. If there are any issues with the placement of the display please contact us we will make it right.
    904-333-3444. If a display is moved and damages occur a fee of $15/piece will be charged to your card on file. If a display is moved and damages occur requiring replacement of materials a fee of $25/piece will be charged to your card on file. 

  • DO NOT DO ANY LANDSCAPING near the display or within 15 feet. Cut grass will stain our materials resulting in damage fees ($15/piece). Landscaping equipment and debris can and will puncture and damage our materials resulting in replacement fees ($25/piece). 

  • DO NOT ROUGH-HOUSE or "PLAY" near displays. While our displays are wonderful for taking photos they should not be a play area. Parents are encouraged to maintain supervision of their children near the display. 

  • DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THE DISPLAY. Please do NOT tie balloons, streamers, ribbons, or any other additional decorations to the display. The additional weight may damage our structural pieces and will result in a damage fee ($15/piece).

  • DO NOT USE SILLY STRING around the display. Silly string will adhere to our signs resulting in permanent damage and replacement fees ($25/piece).

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